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Adding Approvers

Most business processes only require two levels of approval: the initiator’s manager and the HRBP, but four processes allow the manager or HRBP to add additional approvers: Create Position, Change Compensation, Request One-Time Payment, and Offer. In all cases, you should have budgetary approval before you initiate any of these transactions. Your leadership may instruct you to add additional approvers for these processes or you can do so at your own discretion.

Certain business processes allow one-over managers and HRBPs to add additional approvers from the management chain. If you add an approver, Workday assumes you have approved the process and it moves to the new approver.

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Understanding Bigger Business Processes

Here are several job aids and infographics to help you understand some of Sysco's bigger business processes in Workday:

To see more job aids and infographics, click the Print Job Aids button here.

Send Back vs. Deny

When you receive a business process for approval, you have several options: Approve, Send Back and Deny. It is important to understand the difference between Send Back and Deny.

Send Back means you are returning the process to its initiator with comments about corrections that need to be made before you can approve it.

Deny immediately cancels the entire process. The initiator cannot make corrections after a denial and must start over from the beginning.

Approvals Don’t Time Out!

Don’t forget, approval requests in your Inbox do NOT time out. If a manager is not able to act on a request, a ticket must be opened with Customer Support. Otherwise it will remain in the manager’s inbox and the business process cannot be completed.