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Customize Your Worklets

Workday allows you to add additional worklets to your home page. To select from a list of available worklets:

1. Click the gear icon to the right of your name in the Workday page header.

2. Click the plus sign in the Optional Worklets section.

3. Click the button next to the worklet(s) you wish to add.

Some worklets can be removed by clicking the minus sign. Others, such as Pay and Absence, are required and cannot be removed.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that Workday is compatible with common keyboard shortcuts such as Control C for copying and Control V for pasting?


Associates Must Update Their Own Information

Remember, managers and HR cannot make self-service changes (updating contact information, personal information, etc.) on behalf of associates. Associates must update their own information. Refer them to the Editing Personal Information job aid if they need instructions.

Use the Archive to Track Recent Tasks

The Archive tab in your Inbox shows your recently-performed tasks. Select a task, then click Process to view that task’s status, including competed steps and pending steps.

Viewing Sysco Organizations

Workday gives you the power to view not only your organization, but ANY organization across Sysco! Type any name into the search bar, click on that associate's profile and then click the Team icon.

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