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Timebound Reporting

Real time reports are great, but what if you need to see how your organization looked in the past? The Timebound Workforce Report lets you capture a snapshot of associates, new hires and/or transfers for a specific timeframe. HRBPs, to ensure you capture activity for the entire OpCo, select the organization by the OpCo’s SUS number (e.g., 060 for NorthTexas, 013 for Central Texas) or by the location name preceded by ‘Sysco’ (e.g., Sysco North Texas, Sysco Central Texas).


Headcount and Open Position Analysis

The Headcount and Open Position Analysis Report helps you manage your positions and job requisitions. If open positions don’t yet have job requisitions, you can initiate the “Create Job Requisition” business process from within this report. You can also close positions you have opted not to fill. Learn more about position management.