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I-9 Section 3 Reverifications

Unlike I-9 receipts, I-9 Section 3 reverifications do NOT trigger automated alerts. Instead, HR Partners must run one of these reports for details about pending reverifications:

  • US Employers with Form I-9 Expiring Documents – SYY
  • I-9 Details Report (filter/sort by List A document type, then date)

Like other reports, these can be scheduled to run regularly for easier review of pending reverifications. Instructions for scheduling reports are available here.


I-9s for Transferred Associates

If a current associate moves to a new OpCo, a new I-9 must be completed. The process is the same as for a new associate:

1. The associate will receive the I-9 in his/her Inbox on the first day of work at the new OpCo.  

2. After the associate completes Section 1, the HR Partner of the new OpCo will complete Section 2 and follow the E-Verify process.

Associates transferring to a new manager within the same OpCo do not need a new I-9.

Note: If the transferred associate was hired into Workday and already has an I-9 in Workday with the previous OpCo, he/she will not be able to complete another I-9 in Workday. Until an online solution is available, a new paper I-9 (Section 1 and 2) must be completed. See the I-9 & E-Verify Job Aid and the Learn How To section of the HR page for more details.

Legal Name Changes

Associates can change their preferred names at any time with no documentation or approvals. Legal name changes, however, require appropriate documentation and an update to Section 3 of the associate’s I-9.

I-9 Assignment

If there are multiple HR Partners at your location, they will all receive a notification when a new associate submits an I-9. When one partner takes action, the notification is deleted from the others’ Inboxes. There is no need to reassign the task within the HR team. Learn more about roles and responsibilities for employment verification here.


I-9s are for New Hires and Transfers Only!

Although there is typically no need to do so, current associates have access in Workday to initiate a Form I-9. You may occasionally receive an I-9 from an existing associate. Please DO NOT complete section 2 and/or push it through. I-9s are for new hires and transfers between Operating Companies only. If you mistakenly submit an I-9 for an existing associate, contact your HR Ops representative to have it cancelled. See the Employment Verification job aid to learn more.