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Use the Archive to Track Recent Tasks

The Archive tab in your Inbox shows your recently-performed tasks. Select a task, then click Process to view that task’s status, including competed steps and pending steps.

Inbox Items and Notifications in the Mobile App

Like the desktop version of Workday, the mobile app shows your Inbox items and Notifications. The only difference is that they’re at the bottom of the app screen instead of the top.

Refreshing Your Inbox

If you are using Workday when a new Inbox item arrives, it may not appear in your Inbox until you click the refresh button on your web browser.


Understanding Business Processes

The Inbox Archive is a powerful tool for helping you understand business processes and their current status in Workday. It shows you each step of every process you have initiated, which steps have been approved, and who approved them and when. See the Getting Started job aid for more about the Inbox Archive.