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Accessing Insurance/Liability Information on Mobile Devices

To edit insurance/liability information on a mobile device, click your profile photo and select Personal. Then click the Edit button under Insurance and Liability. After editing dates or coverage amounts, review the declaration, then click Done (on the upper right) to save the changes.

You can also update your driver’s license information (such as the expiration date) in the Personal section. Click IDs, then Edit > Change My License > Personal Driver License. After making changes, click Done and Submit.

See the Vehicle Insurance & Liability job aid for detailed instructions. Or, see the Mobile App job aid for a complete list of tasks that can be done through the app.


Insurance/Driver’s License Tracking

Don’t get caught off guard by an expired license! The Insurance/Driver’s License Tracking Report lets managers view liability insurance and driver’s license expiration dates for their associates. Be sure to filter for job titles that require auto liability and driver’s license information to be kept on record. If your associates need help updating license or insurance information, direct them to these instructions.