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Overlap Requires a Termination or Job Change

While you can initiate a job requisition on any position, you can only hire and overlap an associate AFTER a termination or job change has been initiated. You cannot overlap with a new associate until the current associate has been scheduled to vacate the position through a termination, promotion/demotion, or transfer. Learn more about position management here.

Don’t Terminate Transferring Associates

Is one of your associates transferring to another OpCo? Don’t terminate them! The Talent Acquisition or HR Data team will handle all the necessary changes. See the Position Management job aid for more information about transfers.

Roles in the Transfer Process

Remember, managers can only move associates into non-competitive positions. TA handles all competitive moves (moves into jobs that have been posted on the career site). If a manager tries to move an associate into a competitive position, they will receive an error message when they submit the move. See the Job Changes job aid for more information.