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Inbox Items and Notifications in the Mobile App

Like the desktop version of Workday, the mobile app shows your Inbox items and Notifications. The only difference is that they’re at the bottom of the app screen instead of the top.

Request Time Off Through the App

Did you know you can request time off through the mobile app? It's easy! Just click the Time Off worklet, then the Request Time Off button. Tap the day(s) you want to request. (If you click the wrong day, just tap it again to deselect it.) Select a reason, then click Submit.

Change Your Profile Photo as Often as You Wish

Did you take a great new selfie with your phone and want to use it as your profile pic? Just go to your profile page in the Workday mobile app, click your profile photo, then select the new one from your photo library. You can change your photo as often as you'd like.