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Opening a New Position

Before you open a new position, follow this quick checklist:

Do you already have an open position? Check your My Open Positions worklet.

Is someone leaving an existing position? You can use overlap to let the departing associate and new associate share the position.

If you need to open a new position, pay attention to the position’s availability date. You cannot open a job requisition before that date.

Watch the Position Management video to learn more.

Overlap Requires a Termination or Job Change

While you can initiate a job requisition on any position, you can only hire and overlap an associate AFTER a termination or job change has been initiated. You cannot overlap with a new associate until the current associate has been scheduled to vacate the position through a termination, promotion/demotion, or transfer. Learn more about position management here.

Overlap Old and New Associates

Workday has many features to make managers’ lives easier, and overlap is one of the best. When you want to hire an associate’s replacement before he/she leaves, just select the “Allow Overlap” option on a future-dated termination. No need to create a whole new position! The two associates can temporarily share the old one. Learn more about position management here.