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Exporting Reports

When you run a report, you can sort and filter it directly in Workday, but if you're an experienced spreadsheet user, you may prefer to use Excel. To export the report, click the gray Excel icon in the top right corner of the report results. See the Reports job aid to learn more.


Saving Custom Reports

Save time searching for frequently used reports. Add them to your Favorites for easy access. Just click your profile photo and select Favorites. Click Manage Favorites, then locate the reports you want to save.  

See the Reports job aids for HR or Managers to learn more.


Team Anniversaries and Birthdays

It’s important to celebrate milestones with your team. The Anniversaries and Birthdays worklets on the Workday home page alert you to events occurring within the next two weeks. Run the Anniversary/Birthday Report for a more comprehensive list. Be sure to check the “Include Subordinate Organizations” box to view all associates in your organization, not just your direct reports. (Note: The anniversary date shown in the Anniversary worklet is the most recent Hire Date. If an associate has been rehired, they need to contact their HR Partner for their Service Date.)

Learn More about Workday Reporting

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out these additional resources on


Insurance/Driver’s License Tracking

Don’t get caught off guard by an expired license! The Insurance/Driver’s License Tracking Report lets managers view liability insurance and driver’s license expiration dates for their associates. Be sure to filter for job titles that require auto liability and driver’s license information to be kept on record. If your associates need help updating license or insurance information, direct them to these instructions.