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Ending/Extending Contract Workers

Contingent worker contracts should be ended by the manager as soon as the contractor stops working at Sysco. End dates are included in the initial set-up of the Hiring Contingent Worker (Contractor) process.

If a Contingent Worker stays longer than originally planned, managers can extend their contract in Workday. 

Make it a point to regularly review your contracts and end/extend them appropriately. See the Organizational/Position Management job aid for more about contingent contracts.

Beginning the Backfill Process Before a Termination

While you cannot hire someone into a position that has an active associate in it, you can start the job requisition process as soon as you have entered a future termination date (such as when an associate gives notice or has an upcoming retirement) and ensured that overlap was selected. Additionally this will allow for a temporary period in which the incoming and outgoing incumbents’ employment may overlap. To get started, search "Create a Job Requisition” in Workday, then select the “for Existing Position” option. Then choose the departing associate. See the Organizational/Position Management job aid to learn more about terminations and job requisitions.

Overlap Requires a Termination or Job Change

While you can initiate a job requisition on any position, you can only hire and overlap an associate AFTER a termination or job change has been initiated. You cannot overlap with a new associate until the current associate has been scheduled to vacate the position through a termination, promotion/demotion, or transfer. Learn more about position management here.

Did You Know You Can Enter Future Termination Dates in Workday?

When an associate gives their notice or has an upcoming retirement, you can go ahead and enter the termination with a future date. This feature, combined with designating a position for “overlap,” allows you to start the hiring process sooner than you could in the past.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to backfill the position, do NOT close the position when you enter the termination.

See the Organizational/Position Management job aid for more information.

What Happens When a Manager Leaves?

If an existing manager leaves the organization, any pending business processes will be assigned to that manager’s manager. The manager’s manager should then reassign the pending items. See the Managing Business Processes After Termination section of the Position Management job aid for more information.