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Trouble with Absence Requests in Workday?

There are several reasons why associates might have trouble requesting an absence or time off in Workday:

  1. Hourly associates: Hourly associates are not able to submit time off requests in Workday at this time.
  2. Salaried associates: If the salaried associate does not have sufficient time in their time bank, they cannot submit time off requests.
  3. Your OpCo isn't using Workday for absence requests yet.

See the Time Off Requests job aid to learn more.


Correcting Time Off

The Absence worklet doesn't just allow you to request time off. You can also modify or cancel approved time off requests by clicking the Correct My Time Off button. Be sure to enter comments explaining the corrections.

To learn more, view the Time Off Requests job aid.


Request Time Off Through the App

Did you know you can request time off through the mobile app? It's easy! Just click the Time Off worklet, then the Request Time Off button. Tap the day(s) you want to request. (If you click the wrong day, just tap it again to deselect it.) Select a reason, then click Submit.

Time Off Requests

Remember, only salaried, non-California associates can request time off through Workday. Managers will receive requests in their Inbox and can approve, deny or send them back for changes. Use the Team Absence worklet on your Workday home page for easy access to reports and tasks for managing team absences. See the Time Off Requests job aid to learn more.