Workday Tips & Tricks

Check back often for quick tips on how to get the most out of Workday!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that Workday is compatible with common keyboard shortcuts such as Control C for copying and Control V for pasting?


Notification Preferences

Would you prefer to receive all of your Workday notifications at once rather than one at a time? You can do so by selecting the Daily Digest option in your notification preferences. Click your profile icon, then My Account, then Change Preferences. Scroll down to the Parent Notification Type section and change the settings. Your Daily Digest email will be sent at midnight each night. See the Changing Account Settings job aid to learn more.


Customize Your Worklets

Workday allows you to add additional worklets to your home page. To select from a list of available worklets:

1. Click the gear icon to the right of your name in the Workday page header.

2. Click the plus sign in the Optional Worklets section.

3. Click the button next to the worklet(s) you wish to add.

Some worklets can be removed by clicking the minus sign. Others, such as Pay and Absence, are required and cannot be removed.

Changing an Associate’s Base Pay

Before requesting a change to an associate’s base pay in Workday, be sure to discuss it with your leader and HRBP to determine whether the budget and circumstances allow for an increase. Off-cycle pay increases (outside the normal annual pay review process) route for approval in Workday HCM, and all approvals are made within Sysco’s compensation policy and guidelines. See the Managing Compensation job aid for more information.


Updating Pay Information After Submitting a Job Requisition

Talent Acquisition team members can assist you with updating pay information on a job requisition that has already been submitted. The pay information entered in Workday will be the initial salary goal.

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