Workday Tips & Tricks

Check back often for quick tips on how to get the most out of Workday!

Viewing Future Time Off Balances

Want to know how much time off an associate will have accrued by a particular date in the future? Click the Actions button on their profile page (or next to their name in the My Team Management worklet). Select Time and Leave, then View Time Off Balance and select any date.

Managing Your Supervisory Organization

Your Supervisory Organization page provides critical information about your team members, open positions, and job requisitions. To find this page, search for your name and click the option that says “Supervisory Organization.” See this job aid for more information.


Position vs. Job Profile

Though they’re related, a position and a job profile are very different things. A position is a seat in your organization. A job profile is assigned to a seat and describes the job duties and pay range of the associate who sits in it. See the Position Management video for more information.


Opening a New Position

Before you open a new position, follow this quick checklist:

Do you already have an open position? Check your My Open Positions worklet.

Is someone leaving an existing position? You can use overlap to let the departing associate and new associate share the position.

If you need to open a new position, pay attention to the position’s availability date. You cannot open a job requisition before that date.

Watch the Position Management video to learn more.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know that Workday is compatible with common keyboard shortcuts such as Control C for copying and Control V for pasting?