Workday Tips & Tricks

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How Long Should Positions Stay Open?

When an associate leaves your orgaization, his/her position remains open until you fill it or close it. As a general rule, you should leave a position open if you intend to fill it within the next six months. Open positions are your way of letting the company know what to project for headcount, so you should review open positions monthly through the lens of whether you still envision filling those seats. Carefully consider as well that in closing a position, you will no longer have access to the history of that position (date created, previous incumbents, period of vacancy, etc.).

Watch the Position Management video to learn more.


Changing an Associate’s Base Pay

Before requesting a change to an associate’s base pay in Workday, be sure to discuss it with your leader and HRBP to determine whether the budget and circumstances allow for an increase. Off-cycle pay increases (outside the normal annual pay review process) route for approval in Workday HCM, and all approvals are made within Sysco’s compensation policy and guidelines. See the Managing Compensation job aid for more information.


Updating Pay Information After Submitting a Job Requisition

Talent Acquisition team members can assist you with updating pay information on a job requisition that has already been submitted. The pay information entered in Workday will be the initial salary goal.

Associates Must Update Their Own Information

Remember, managers and HR cannot make self-service changes (updating contact information, personal information, etc.) on behalf of associates. Associates must update their own information. Refer them to the Editing Personal Information job aid if they need instructions.

Adding Approvers

Most business processes only require two levels of approval: the initiator’s manager and the HRBP, but three processes allow the manager or HRBP to add additional approvers: Create Position, Change Compensation and Request One-Time Payment. In all cases, you should have budgetary approval before you initiate any of these transactions. Your leadership may instruct you to add additional approvers for these processes or you can do so at your own discretion.

Certain business processes allow one-over managers and HRBPs to add additional approvers from the management chain. If you add an approver, Workday assumes you have approved the process and it moves to the new approver.

Learn more about approvals.